When a child first goes to school, leaving behind the affection and protection of the home, it is a child’s right to get the same sense of security at school, Recognizing this responsibility, we have designed our primary wing with special focus on very young children’s needs. Every child is valued as an individual, and given the chance to develop in his/her own special way and still given the strong, solid foundation in academics which can be built upon effectively at higher levels.

Admissions 2018 – 19

Classes from Nursery to VIII

AGE CRITERIA (As on 31st March, 2018)


Nursery Between 3 to 4Years
KG – I Between 3½ to 4½Years
KG – II Between 4½ to 5½Years


Class I Between 5½ to 6½Years
Class II TO VIII Onwards as per TC produced for
previous class & school


We have a team of qualifed, experienced and dedicated teachers to take care, recognize and appreciate strengths and weaknesses of each individual student. Bank on teaching strategies and teaching material that are appropriate in the classroom environment that benefit every student. The team not only inspires and encourages students to give their best but also develop in them a sense of responsibility, sense of self appraisal, towards self reliance and self esteem. The teachers undertake such tasks that enthuse students to be more communicative, responsible and involved. Quality teaching and strong student teacher relationship form the foundation of our highly scholastic programme. All the teachers have the special qualities that distinguish a good teacher – patience and understanding. They are dynamic, relaxed and enthusiastic with the ability to create a friendly atmosphere in which the children can express themselves and learn. They encourage the development of each child, by providing security and warmth, emphasizing self-discipline more than authority and encouragement instead of punishment.

Unique Curriculum for Pre-Primary, Primary & Middle School

Pre-Primary is the most valuable period of childhood, hence the school provides a development approach rather then an education. In this stage children have: Physical development- balance activity, outdoor play, nutritious food and general hygiene inclusive medical care; Mental development- rich environment; Social development, sympathetic adult devoted the necessary guidance.

Student Mentoring and Counseling

The school follows mentoring scheme where each child (mentee) is given under the personal care of a teacher (mentor), the mentor is in touch with the students on a regular basis and does maintain various behavioral, emotional and personal growth record of the student. He gets competitive Examination Coaching such as National Science Olympiad (NSO) and National Science Talent Search Examination (NSTSE) that enhances the knowledge of students which help them face competitive exams in the future. The school provides practice sessions complete with interactive feedback and tutorial session in which the student is taught about the basic techniques for answering various types of questions.

Career Guidance

Career planning is one of the most vital aspects of any student’s life. Choosing a career is not an easy process, so it should start as early in the academic life as possible. At our school we have started it early and help students gather information on issues such as different career options, the eligibility criteria, the premier institutions from where the required qualifications for a certain career could be acquired, variables such as attitudes, abilities and learning also play a major role. A discussion on careers cannot be complete without a review of personality tests, group discussions and interviews which are done on a regular basis to end the areas of improvement and various strengths which can be worked on.